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ePUBee DRM Removal 3.1

Tiny free tool to remove DRM protection from locked EPUB files
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Digital Rights Management (DRM) was devised to prevent e-book users from making illegal copies of books. The problem comes when you want to read a lawfully acquired book on a different platform. ePUBee DRM Removal allows you to create exact copies of your EPUB books but without the DRM header so that you can enjoy them with whatever EPUB e-book reader.

The program’s interface is extremely easy to use. As batch DRM removal is supported, you can load any number of EPUB files for unlocking, which ePUBee will decrypt in just one click. A warning though – back up your source files before loading them into the program if you want to keep them. Despite what the program’s site says about leaving the original files untouched and putting the decrypted ones in a different folder, my experience says that as soon as the EPUB file has been decrypted, the source file is wiped out for good without a warning. Having said that, ePUBee works like a charm. The resulting EPUB files are just as good (or as bad) as the (now defunct) original files were, keeping all the navigation features and the content present in the source e-books.

Unlocking your DRM-protected EPUB files is just that simple. There is nothing more to it than that – no settings, no configuration features, nothing. Actually, the program will create its own output folders wherever it sees fit, and there’s nothing you can do about it. You can open the destination folder by right-clicking on the decrypted file from within the program, and there is where you’ll find all your unlocked e-books. Free, straightforward, and easy to use – just what most e-book users will ever need to unlock their EPUB books.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Ease of use
  • Batch DRM removal


  • Removes the source file without any warning
  • No configuration settings
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